The studio gets
filled up with
shapes, colors,
faces & music.
I normally work
on three or
four paintings
at the same time, because it’s best to
keep moving and thinking and painting.
It starts with a doodle, a sketch, a new or old photograph. Then
the sketch is transferred to
the painting support- be it
wood, canvas or metal.
Then, usually, I cut out
the shapes and start
in on the painting.
  When I was a kid, I was
  very curious about why
     everyone painted in a
          rectangle. It’s not
                  that there is
              anything wrong
                with a window
                  shape. I just couldn’t get why everyone                        should have to do it the same way.
So I decided I'd
try another way.
Creating new compositions
without frame
lines has been
a great joy.
In The Field
Work In Progress
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